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It's a new year...

So, I wanted to get this up in time for the new year, but I've been recovering from a nasty cold for the past week. So, thank you to those have been patiently waiting for the next installment, which wraps up our holiday series! Hope everyone had a good time with festivities, and let's hope you won't be disappointed by what happens next! Cheers!

It had been a very trying couple of days. What was supposed to be a relaxed holiday season at Hogwarts was already turning into a disaster. Yes, Christmas this year had been relatively better than the last (at least a snake wasn't trying to kill him), but not by much. Now, Harry was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He had dealt with Ron and Hermione's rows loads of times before. But how was he supposed to get them to talk and make up again?

Hermione had every right to be furious at Ron for feeling up Pansy Parkinson. Listening to her as he wrapped her arms around her each time time they talked, Harry knew he would have felt the same if it had happened to him.

But after hearing Ron moan about how close Hermione and Zabini were becoming, Harry thought he understood. Ron had been jealous. And Ron wanted a little revenge, one that went too far.

Sighing heavily, he wondered if he should go back to Gryffindor Tower. It was thankfully one of the dormitories that was spared from damage, but the thought of having to play mediator again made him reluctant to leave his current haven near the lake. He had been staying out here a lot lately, just to think.

Absently flipping open Protecting Your Mind, Harry lit up his wand and decided to reread the two notes he had recently received. One had come via owl, and the other was the result from a failed homework session in the library (because who did work during the holidays anyway?).

Harry bit his lip. He loved Luna and Hermione, but why did they have to be so perceptive? At least Hermione didn't quite know what was bothering him. Luna did, and he had no idea how. There was always the possibility that she had noticed Malfoy ushering Harry out of the holiday bash, but Seamus had sworn no one actually cared. If she was suggesting what he thought she was...

Thinking about that night made Harry's heart race. He knew he should have stayed away from the eggnog (or had a little less). It was something he could blame for his behaviour. Why else would he have let Draco Malfoy, of all people, pin him against a wall?

It was a fuzzy memory, but Harry remembered they'd been arguing. There had been a rush of anger flowing through his veins, fingers digging into his arms, followed by the hum of words spoken in a low voice. And then there had been a fiery glare from intense grey eyes, a hot breath against his face and--

Harry needed to get a hold of himself. He slipped the parchment into his book and closed it, only to see something flutter next to him on the grass. It was a fortune slip.

Then, right before his eyes, the slip of paper turned into a Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Whiz-Bang. Harry knew at that moment that it was going to draw him a lot of attention. The Whiz-Bang decided to shoot off into the air and explode into a bright Catherine wheel.

"Nice display you've got there," a familiar voice whispered into his ear, making him jump. Harry turned around and widened his eyes.

"Nox! Malfoy?"

"Potter," responded Malfoy cooly. He glanced up at the fireworks dancing in the sky. "Is this your pathetic way of celebrating a new year?"

"Fuck off," muttered Harry, grabbing his stuff and standing up. That was when he remembered Malfoy's note about meeting up. In the Room of Requirement. He felt his face warm up. "I--we weren't supposed to meet until later tonight, right?"

"About that," replied Malfoy tentatively, standing up as well. He rubbed his shaky hands together before sticking them into his pockets. Was Malfoy actually nervous? "Thought I'd try to find you sooner. It proved to be quite easy with those fireworks, and you being predictable as always."



They stood there in awkward silence, watching as the display of pink and yellow Catherine wheels rolled away from the lake and over towards the castle. Harry licked his lips and looked up, only to find Malfoy's gaze fixed on him. He glanced away.

"Look, about what happened the other night--"

"That wasn't an accident, you know."


"The argument--that was definitely because I was drunk. But the kiss--um...Potter? Your mouth is hanging open like a fish."

He must have misheard Malfoy. Harry clenched his mouth shut, and suddenly he realised how clammy his palms were. He felt extremely hot all of a sudden, despite the snow and chill surrounding them. Harry swallowed hard.

"You kissed me," he told simply Malfoy. "You wouldn't have done that if you'd been sober."

"You don't know that," murmured Malfoy softly. He brushed his blond hair from his eyes and took a few steps toward Harry. "What about you?"


"That's what I thought."

Before Harry could even respond, a hand reached out for his cloak and pulled him close until lips were pressed hard against his own.

The kiss was passionate and desperate. Harry felt something flare up in his chest like a magical fire. He had never experienced a sensation like this before, making him feel so scared yet excited at the same time. Fingers ran through his messy hair, pulling a little too hard. Teeth bit his lower lip, enough so that Harry groaned and opened his mouth wider to let a tongue slip inside.

Malfoy was a damn good kisser, which was how Harry found himself kissing back. He could taste peppermint and smell a hint of cologne, making him want more. Harry let his body press against a hard chest, his arms finding their way around a surprisingly slender waist. Perhaps he would see where this would take him.

When they finally broke apart, Malfoy exhaled deeply, regarding Harry warily. "So..."

"That was..." Harry trailed off, unsure how to explain what he had felt. "Breath-taking?"

Malfoy laughed at that and gave him a small grin. "And I was sober."

Harry smiled back with relief, raising an eyebrow. "You're sure?"

"Do you need to me show you again?"

"Only if you want to."

Finally! A break-through for our boys! Congrats to them! And hopefully, we'll find out if our other Hogwarts students will be able to resolve their little love affairs issues soon. Stay tuned for more, as the updates will be returning to normal (once every week/two weeks).

Need to catch up? Start out with the first post! Don't forget to watch the community here for more updates!
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