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#10: Long Overdue (Warning! Rated R)

"I'm sure," Draco muttered to himself, shoving the slip into his pocket absently.

It was only the second week of classes since the holidays, and already things were starting to look grim. The workload was certainly picking up, but most of all, Draco couldn't stop his friends from giving him these looks. It was like they knew something, and with Blaise and Pansy keeping a close eye on him, it made it almost impossible to sneak out of the dungeons. Which meant he couldn't see Potter as much as he would have liked.

Draco couldn't help but grin whenever he thought about Potter. In fact, the git was sitting next to him, though he was fast asleep with his face pressed against his notes. Potter was going to be mortified once he discovered the ink had stained his cheek. Draco would laugh, and Potter would pout. And then they would throw playful insults at each other and let things go from there. Usually, that last part involved an empty classroom, and a lot of snogging and fondling.

Oh, how times have changed. Draco never thought he'd ever find happiness again, not after living through a dark regime. Hell, he hadn't even expected to survive, but then Potter saved him. If it hadn't been for Potter, Draco wouldn't have fallen so hard. And perhaps he wouldn't have found out that Potter felt the same.

It was a known fact that Ginny Weasley had moved onto other blokes, but nothing had been said about Potter. Potter appeared to be as straight as a wand, but the way he looked at Draco and went out of his way to make conversation made Draco think otherwise. There had definitely been something else behind Potter's facade, and of course, Draco was right. Kissing Harry Potter was the best risk he had ever taken.

Draco twirled his quill between his fingers, wondering when he would be able to catch Potter alone again. This week was proving to be difficult, with Gryffindors or the occasional Ravenclaw following Potter around these days. He and Potter certainly weren't going to do anything in the library during project sessions either (Draco didn't need Pince to watch them).

He could imagine it now: Just the two of them in a locked room, their eyes only on each other. Potter would press Draco against a wall, one hand teasing him mercilessly and the other squeezing Draco's arse. A tongue would lick his earlobe before teeth nibbled down on it. Draco would groan, bucking his hips forward. A rough hand would undo the zip of his trousers and stroke his hard cock.

"Like that, do you?" Potter would murmur in a low voice.

Draco would nod and bite his lip when a thumb played with the head of his cock, smearing precome everywhere. Fingers would brush his balls, lingering there just long enough so that Draco had to grab onto Potter and bury his face against his shoulder. Potter would chuckle before speeding up, jerking Draco off until--

The very thought made Draco squirm uncomfortably in his seat. Had it really been only last week since Potter gave him a handjob?

"I think everyone has had sufficient time for their projects, yes?"

Draco blinked, realising that a. he was in Defence class, and b. Professor Godwin was referring to their projects.

"If you would refer to the syllabus, the deadline is in two weeks," continued Godwin, raising a bushy eyebrow at his students. "However, if we want time to cover advanced wandless spells, we're going to have to push things forward."

"C'mon! You're making us get this all in for next week?" whinged Zacharias Smith.

"That's bollocks!" shouted Finnigan.

Suddenly, groans and protests filled the room, leaving Godwin slightly frazzled. Draco rolled his eyes. Were his classmates really that incompetent to get their stuff together? After all, Godwin had given them most of the term for their projects. That was considered generous comparing to most professors. Thank Merlin he and Potter had been smart enough to complete a good share of their work on Occlumency, even during their times of 'misunderstanding'.

Godwin droned on about his expectations, allowing Draco to glance at Potter. Potter was still dead asleep. Draco nudged Potter's foot, but nothing happened. Sighing, he scooted closer, putting his hand on Potter's thigh. Draco looked around, relieved that everyone was too disgruntled to pay him any attention. He gradually moved his hand higher and higher until he found what he was looking for.

He was surprised to find that Potter was already turned on. The idiot was probably having a wet dream. Draco smirked as he began rubbing his hand against Potter's crotch and squeezed firmly.

Potter gasped in shock as he immediately jumped in his seat. His eyes were wide open now, and it took him a moment to realise that Draco's hand was still pressed against his erection. Draco snorted. This was perfect. Potter, with his ink-smudged face, shot him a dirty look as he scribbled something on parchment.

Guess it didn't take long for these boys to get busy! Granted, who knows what else they've done, but perhaps we'll hear about it (and maybe from other students too!). Stay tuned for more!

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