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Mi corazon y tu...

I'm not too much of a Valentine's Day person, but I figure I should make some people happy. So, I give you Fiery Fortune Cookies de Amor! This is where students at Hogwarts get to send these treats to each other via owl, or leave them in a special place. Take a look!

To: Cormac McLaggen

To: Hermione Granger

To: Ginny Weasley

To: Seamus Finnigan

To: Draco Malfoy

To: Harry Potter

To: Blaise Zabini

I see that love is in the air, or do I sense some lust? We'll find out if anything comes out these gestures soon!

Please note: Ron's note with 'Te Ammo' is actually spelled wrong, but why am I not surprised? It's the thought that counts. Also, Dean's poem, Slow Dance to Seamus is written by David L. Weatherford.

Need to catch up? Start out with the first post! Don't forget to watch the community here for more updates!
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