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#11: A Slip of Conversation


Blaise frowned at the smudged ink on the parchment. Of course, Hermione was going to ask him sooner or later. Ever since he let slip about Draco and Potter, she’d been convenient spending more time in the library with him to learn more. Not that Blaise had a whole lot to say on the topic. She was probably trying to think of a way to confront Potter about this, if Blaise knew her well enough. Ask Potter quietly and keep Weasley out of it. Typical.

Not that Hermione couldn’t have figured it out herself, though the scandal involving Weasley and Pansy hadn’t helped. Blaise had felt bad about the whole thing, especially when she had gone to him, of all people, to vent. Even as a distant friend (as Blaise carefully considered her), Hermione didn’t deserve what had happened to her. Which was why Blaise couldn’t understand why she still loved Weasley. They might have made up, but there was no doubt that Weasley was clearly an idiot. This also made Blaise question his friendship with Pansy. Sometimes, she could be such a wench for ruining things.

And speaking of Pansy…

Blaise caught her leaning towards his desk, trying to read the note. At least it made sense why Hermione was giving Pansy a death glare now. He swore her hand was inching towards her wand. Blaise coughed loudly, snatching the parchment and stuffing it into his Potions text. Pansy simply shrugged and returned to taking notes. However, the smirk that appeared on her face him uneasy. It was enough to tell him that she had read enough.

Once Slughorn dismissed them from class, Blaise gathered his things together. He glanced at Hermione, who was muttering quickly to Weasley. She looked slightly anxious. Weasley nodded reluctantly before kissing her cheek and making his way to the door. Just as Blaise was about to approach her, he felt nails digging into his arms.

“What do you want, Pansy?” he hissed, gritting his teeth.

“Nothing really,” replied Pansy, loosening her grasp on Blaise’s arm. “I couldn’t help but notice the conversation you were having with Granger. Spreading rumours, are you?”

“That was supposed to be private, Parkinson. You should mind your own business.”

Blaise looked up to find a murderous-looking Hermione standing right next to them. He couldn’t help but back away. Merlin, why did women always have to look so scary?

“Oh really?” challenged Pansy, laughing lightly. “Is that why you’re asking Blaise about Potter and Malfoy?”

“Pans, just stop,” warned Blaise with a sigh. “This isn’t worth arguing over.”

“It seems like a surprise, yes? But if you really think about it, all the hatred was really just some unresolved sexual tension between them.”

“Seriously, shut up! I’d prefer not to deal with Draco’s wrath if he finds out we’ve been talking about this.”

“You’re lucky he’s in a meeting with McGonagall. You certainly had no problems making a bet on Draco trying to bag Potter before.”

“And you were the one who followed through with it!”

“You what?!” exclaimed Hermione, staring from Blaise to Pansy with shock. “You foul—”

“It’s not what you think—” started Blaise, but he stopped as soon he caught sight of Potter.

The look on Potter’s face was one between fury and horror. Hermione gasped. Pansy bit her lip nervously and Blaise could only stand there. Merlin, he and Pansy were going to owe Draco big time for this.

“I knew it. I fucking knew it!” Potter muttered angrily, yanking his bag onto his shoulder. He pushed past all of them as he fled from the room.

“I am going to kill you both. Mark my words,” Hermione threatened Blaise and Pansy before running after Potter. “Harry! Wait up!”

Pansy sighed loudly, using her fingers to massage her temples. “Idiots, the lot of them.”

“Fucking damn it!” Blaise swore under his breath.

He was not only angry at himself, but he should have been quicker to explain things to Hermione. The bet was a long lost joke, and if Pansy hadn’t had the audacity to bring that up, this whole disaster could have been prevented. But now Potter knew that they knew about him and Draco and—fuck! There was no time to warn Draco, was there?

It wasn’t until he moved to the door when a slip of paper fell to the floor.

Of course, it had to taunt him ever since he had dismissed its message earlier. Bloody fortunes.

“Why does this always have to happen?”

Looks like trouble's stirring again! What will happen when Harry sees Draco next? Can Hermione, Blaise and Pansy figure out a way to make things right again? Find out more! There will be a March batch of entries going into some April ones to accompany the Easter Hols! Stay tuned for more!

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