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#18: A Big Wakeup Call (April 19th; R)

Seamus groggily woke up to the sounds of birds chirping through the open window. He’d been having his favourite reoccurring dream, with mysterious hands exploring his body and a mouth that knew exactly where his weak spots were. He thought about the way teeth gently nibbled his earlobe, and how a tongue had travelled lower and lower until it teased him mercilessly.

Slowly closing his eyes, Seamus let a hand wander down into his pyjama pants. Damn it! If he didn’t take care of himself now, he was going to explode. Glancing around, he noticed that the dorm was empty. This was the perfect opportunity to grab himself and stroke.

He let out a soft moan as he lay back against his pillows. Seamus seemed to be getting quite randy lately, and if it didn’t stop soon, he was going to go mad. Wanking himself raw was getting a bit too much, as it still left him wanting more. Maybe there was something wrong with him. Seamus hadn’t had a problem like this since…well, since the time he let Zabini fuck him every night for most of sixth year.

Dean had been going out with Ginny then. Zabini had been very straightforward, giving it to Seamus quick and hard. They’d barely talked, which hadn’t bothered Seamus much. The sex had been glorious, enough to take Seamus’ mind off of Dean’s late night absences or his reluctant rejections to play Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess.

And then everything changed when the war broke out.

The war had almost destroyed everything, including him. Seamus knew things would eventually get better, but he didn’t know when. And having Dean again…he thought it was supposed to be the best thing in the world. They were supposed to be best mates and do everything together. But it didn’t seem so when Dean start talking to him less and keeping to himself more. Seamus had tried to reach out to him, only to be pushed away.

That was why he had Justin.

Justin wasn’t bad; he was quite the enthusiastic bottom yet a polite gentleman. He and Seamus were good friends now, and they’d been drunk when they first snogged each other. When the snogging kept happening, they’d created a mutual ‘friends with benefits’ agreement. Seamus didn’t expect it to last forever, but it was perfect for him to forget all his worries. He could simply enjoy himself by pounding someone into a mattress. But fucking was only been a temporary way to fill the void in his heart. It had been like that with Zabini, and it was starting to feel like that with Justin.

Seamus started to think about his dream again, which made him arch up on his bed. He thought about those hands that had caressed him, stroked him and grabbed him fiercely. He swore he had seen them before. They certainly weren’t Zabini’s or Justin’s. Zabini’s were well-groomed, and Justin’s were pretty ordinary. But in his dream, Seamus had seen dark hands with long artistic fingers. Calluses had brushed against his skin as those hands rubbed his back and then his—

Why didn’t he think of it before?! They were definitely hands he knew…hands that had held his face so many times. Hands that had played with his sandy hair and knew how to hold a paintbrush correctly. They were Dean’s hands, Seamus realised with a surprised gasp. All this time, he had been fantasising about Dean. And now they weren’t even talking to each other.

Before he could even stop himself, Seamus squeezed his eyes shut as his body stiffened. He shouldn’t be thinking about Dean like that, but who was he kidding? His body seemed to want Dean enough to make him go over the edge. The question was, did he?

Seamus relaxed, taking a moment to catch his breath. Merlin, he’d been such an idiot. He just hoped it wasn’t too late to fix things. He lazily reached out for his wand to Vanish his mess and cast a Tempus charm on his clock.

“Shit!” he yelled out. It was already 8:30am, which meant breakfast half done. He’d have to run if he wanted to fetch at least a piece of toast before Transfiguration. And if he was late one more time…Seamus shuddered to think McGonagall would do to him.

Seamus immediately shucked out of his pyjamas to throw on his uniform and robes. He grabbed his bag and was about to bolt out of the room when he noticed a few peculiar things sitting on his night table. The beautiful parchment crane he knew was from Justin; it was his way of sending notes. It was instinct to unfold this note, and Seamus couldn’t help but snort when he read it.

Justin was sweet and charming. It was also true that Seamus enjoyed the time they’d spend together, talking and laughing before doing more. That was what he expected.

What Seamus didn’t expect to see was the scroll that had a Fiery Fortune Cookie tied to it next to his clock. He was pretty sure that had not been there last night. And if it was delivered by an owl…or did someone sneak up here to deliver it personally?

Torn, he finally decided to investigate. When Seamus touched the cookie, the package simply opened on its own to reveal two chocolate-covered halves. He pulled the pieces apart to find his fortune.

Reluctantly, he glanced at the parchment. The moment Seamus he unrolled it, he knew it was from Dean.

That was all he needed to know. Everything in this note proved that he still had the chance he thought he’d lost. Seamus had plenty of chances with Justin, but with Dean, there was only one. And this time, he would not fuck it up. He had to find Dean. Now.

So many thoughts spun through Seamus’ mind as he went down the stairs two at a time. He practically stumbled into the common room, only to freeze when he saw Dean climbing through the portrait hole. Feeling self conscious, Seamus tugged at his tucked shirt and tried to straighten his jumper and robes.

“What are you doing here?” he blurted out, mentally smacking himself. That was definitely not what he wanted to say.

“I—um, forgot something,” said Dean carefully. He averted his eyes to the colourful rug he was standing on. He frowned. “You’re a bit late today.”

“Yeah, well—it’s not a first.”

“Right. You better get to the Great Hall then. The scones will be gone before you know it.”

Seamus couldn’t help but grin. Dean knew quite well that he loved scones. It was these little things that Dean knew about him that made them such a pair. They were special, and that was something couldn’t be destroyed, unless Seamus allowed it. Hell, he needed Dean back.

Crossing the common room, he grabbed Dean’s arm roughly and pulled him close.

“Shay?” inquired Dean, looking back at him curiously. “What are you doing?”

“Let me say this, yeah?” replied Seamus, gripping Dean tighter to keep himself from shaking. He had to do this now, or else he would regret it. “Dean, I’m sorry. For being an arse and also a coward. Shouldn’t have ran away like that and I know I hope it’s not too late to fix things but—what?”

“You got the note.”

“Yeah, of course I did! But that’s not why I’m saying all this.”

“Then why are you?”

Seamus had no idea how to explain everything he was feeling into words. There was so much he wanted to say to Dean: that he was all Seamus ever wanted, that he was too blind to see it and if they could just forget about everything and live happily ever after, all would be well. But he knew he was treading in dangerous waters. He had to think this through.

“I miss you,” Seamus finally murmured softly. “Every damn day. I didn’t think I would, but I do.”

“Really?” persisted Dean with wide eyes. “Do you mean that?”


Before he knew it, Seamus was being embraced by strong arms. He sighed with relief as he melted against Dean and hugged him back. Dean’s nose brushed against his cheek affectionately, making Seamus rest his chin against Dean’s shoulder. Warmth filled his heart, and Seamus felt whole again for the first time in months. It was tempting to do so much more, like snog the hell out of Dean. That was something that could possibly happen in the future. For now, this was a good start.

They stood like that for a moment before slowly pulling apart from each other. Dean studied Seamus carefully before smiling.

“Glad to have you back, Shay,”

“You too, Dean. It’s been a while.”

Thank Merlin! Took you long enough, Seamus! You can't exactly forget about best mates like Dean forever. Hopefully they can stick together this time, and maybe they'll show each other how they really feel soon. And do read the next entry. Something big is coming soon! Stay tuned for more!

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