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Hola! I'm still here!

Hi guys! I haven't abandon this, if you're wondering why there hasn't been an update. RL has been a bit busy, and I almost feel like that's going to be the next couple of months. But don't fear! I have been plotting and I'm thinking about doing either a few massive round-ups of note posts or perhaps 100 word drabbles to get you guys caught in March.

I think our students think they've fixed things, but of course, drama isn't something that truly ever dies...

Hoping to get something out this weekend, so keep an eye out for the next update! Any ideas about what will happen?

And a fortune for you all...

gummy bear love

Mi corazon y tu...

I'm not too much of a Valentine's Day person, but I figure I should make some people happy. So, I give you Fiery Fortune Cookies de Amor! This is where students at Hogwarts get to send these treats to each other via owl, or leave them in a special place. Take a look!

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It's a new year...

So, I wanted to get this up in time for the new year, but I've been recovering from a nasty cold for the past week. So, thank you to those have been patiently waiting for the next installment, which wraps up our holiday series! Hope everyone had a good time with festivities, and let's hope you won't be disappointed by what happens next! Cheers!

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Happy Holidays!

Hi all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I know I meant to post up more holiday surprises to lead to the holiday bash, but well, RL happened regarding a major family emergency. Thus, my boyfriend and I have been out of town for nearly a week. Things have been really busy and rough, but I'm just glad that in the end, things turned out okay, including Christmas.

Any who, I will try my darn hardest to get some more surprises posts out; there probably will be a couple more posts, shorter fics and more notes. And we'll see if I can make a gossipy post about the holiday bash and what might lead to the new year.

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Happy Boxing Day and hang tight! More is coming soon!