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la fortunamajor

entertainment when fate awaits...all in one cookie

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la: the Spanish prefix referring to "the."
fortuna major: Latin for "better luck."

A Deathly Hallows follow-up, EWE, of course. After the war, most students go back to Hogwarts to finish up their education. And this is where we can see what's going on in their lives through their notes and letters to each other.

One meager way to predict the future depends on good ole fortune cookies. Some teach us a word or two of Mandarin. Some tell us what our lucky numbers are. But what about a cookie that has a little more personality? What about a cookie that simply knows you?

Thanks to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' newest invention (and a collaboration with Honeydukes), Fiery Fortune Cookies are put to the test! They're silly, but so addictive as a treat, coming in different flavours!

Crack open a cookie and let the fun begin!

-There really aren't any rules. Pretty much, everything goes. You get a sneak peek of the daily lives of your favourite characters. Suggestions are welcome.

-Most posts will be viewer-friendly. There may be some femmeslash and slash references. If that's not your cuppa, don't look. You have been warned.

-If there's anything R or NC-17, it'll be noted on the subject line and before the LJ cut. View at your own leisure.

-If you have any ideas for future fortunes, let me know by submitting a request!

-Comments are love. ♥

-Major kudos go to the following communities for the inspiration of this project: hp_secrets teh_weasle and shoebox_project. And of course, thank you to the wonderful J.K Rowling for her awesome creation of Harry Potter!

-No copyright infringement is intended. All rights belong to JKR, Warner Bros., Bloomsbury, etc. This is just for your entertainment (and mine!).

-Feel free to friend this journal to keep updated!

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