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Back-Posting Round-Up!

Hi all,

Still working hard (and when I can) to get this thing up to date! But, I thought it might be good to round up some the posts that haven't really been pimped out since the Valentine's posts. So, make sure you catch up!

Valentine's Wrap-Up

#11: A Slip of Conversation Potions- Last Block (Hermione and Blaise)

#12: Bittersweet Memories Defence Against the Dark Arts, Second Block (Harry and Draco)

#13: Food for Thought Herbology, Third Block (Ron and Pansy)

#14: The Morning After Transfiguration, First Block (Dean and Harry)

#15: A Matter of Truth Library, Fifth Block (Draco and Daphne)

Right. more to come for these kids. Stay tuned for more!
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It's a new year...

So, I wanted to get this up in time for the new year, but I've been recovering from a nasty cold for the past week. So, thank you to those have been patiently waiting for the next installment, which wraps up our holiday series! Hope everyone had a good time with festivities, and let's hope you won't be disappointed by what happens next! Cheers!

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